Review: Love Sucks and Then You Die by Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate


Love Sucks and Then You Die

Michael Grant and Katherine Applegate


Published: September 10, 2013

Length: 33 pages




Fifteen-year-old E.V. (Evening) doesn’t know where she fits in to the universe. After a particularly disastrous school dance experience, she’s begins to wonder if she fits in at all. She did bloody the school heartthrob’s nose and all because he tried to kiss her. Having been accused of being a “frigid bitch,” E.V. begins to question her place in the cosmic world of relationships and dating to little avail; her CEO mother is emotionally unavailable, her dad is dead, and her best friend thinks true love exists in the back seat of a used Honda. But then E.V. spots someone, a blip on her otherwise indifferent radar that suggests there just might be someone out there for her . . .


I recently ordered Eve and Adam and I wanted to research it on Amazon (Like I do every book I order) and found a prequel, Love Sucks and Then You Die to the story that I was really excited about. I downloaded it immediately and read. I loved it. I can’t wait to receive the book. It’s pretty much about a girl, who’s mom is the CEO at a large company and is able to make things.. possibly even people and Eve somehow was able to make the perfect boy. I don’t want to give too much away, but in this book Eve created Adam. I think it’s a really cool twist to the original Adam and Eve story.

I must say that I do not like books where the author designates chapters for different characters for us to read their own point of view because those books can get pretty confusing. However, I don’t think this book will get me too confused because from first glance, the storyline is pretty simple and I’m hoping the book will be. The prequel has me begging for more, so I’m really glad I ordered the book. I must admit that reading the prequel has shortened my patience quite a bit that now I wish I would have paid for rush delivery!!




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