Delirium (Pilot) – TV Show

deliriumAs you all may know, Delirium is a YA, dystopian novel written by Lauren Oliver. It is also part of the Delirium series, but I don’t know if the other novels will be included in the television show. I did not know about the TV show until I logged on to HuluPlus. I was so tempted to watch the first episode because I’ve heard of the novel, but I haven’t read it. I really want to read the first one to get what the show is really about because I know writers leave a lot out.

From what I’ve read, Delirium (the novel) is basically about the government that has this rule about people falling in love. Falling in love with who and how they want is illegal. Lena Holoway, played by Emma Roberts, falls in love with a guy before her procedure (95 days until then) on her 18th birthday that would make her desire or ability to love the man she chooses disappear… she won’t be able to have the feelings that come with being in love in the natural way we think of it. They will have their life partners, or “matches” picked out for them depending on their answers  on a personality test and they will receive their match in a week.

I understand that those who live outside of the US won’t be able to view the pilot. I hear that someone will upload the pilot to YouTube. If you check, I’m pretty sure it’s there now. You may have trouble viewing due to many people wanting to watch.

If you live in the US, then you can watch the full episode on Hulu Plus if you have a subscription. Sadly, it will only be available to watch for 24 hours and they aren’t sure if they will be getting future episodes. I am just the bearer of good news. The TV show is based on a book, so I felt it would be an appropriate post for my blog. This is more of a PSA since I haven’t read Delirium yet, but it looks like it will be a very interesting show and Emma Roberts is always so classy.


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