Why You Should Think First Before Buying Books In A Series


Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?

I know a new book series can be enticing for those who enjoy reading them, but you should know that some are not worth your money! Particularly the ones that are in the form of ebooks. There are many ebook series out there written by independent authors that are available for download and some of them are very interesting reads (minus the grammar mistakes and misspelling). The catch is you will only get the first book of the series for free and the last two will cost you. I know you’re wondering why I’m telling you this. A book is a book, right? You’re also wondering why I’m telling you that some authors may not care how their books are delivered to the reader, as long as you pay. As with everything you buy, books are a consumer item and as authors, they should not try to “get over” on their customers. Why is this information so important? Well, let’s get to the dirt!

First of all, there are authors out there who will sell their ebooks as if they are part of a series. Meaning the author will sell you the same book three times… with the first one being free (sometimes). They basically separated one book into three parts and selling them separately under the guise of it being a series. If you prefer reading ebooks over physical copies, then there is an easy way to know if it is a series you shouldn’t be buying (or at least know how to detect them and decide to buy it or not).

Always look at the number of pages before you buy an ebook and check to see if it is part of a series. If the first book is between 50-80 pages long (or under 100 pages), then you know it is one book the author is selling three times. The only books that should be that short are short stories, children’s books (however, less likely), novellas, and samples. Those books will be described as such very clearly in the book description. I’d rather pay $2.99 for the whole book than thinking it is part of a series that doesn’t really exist.

On the other hand, if you are a reader who enjoys reading books in small doses and you’re okay with buying each part of the book separately, then it shouldn’t be a problem to you. As long as you know it is not a traditional book series. I know a lot of people won’t notice what they’re REALLY buying, so I hope this information will be helpful to you in your future browsing around in the ebook store.


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