Review: What You Wish For by Mark Edwards

what you wish for


What You Wish For

Mark Edwards

Released: June 24, 2014

Publisher: Tom & Mercer

Length: 271


Marie Walker has vanished from the face of the earth…

Her besotted boyfriend, newspaper photographer Richard Thompson, vows to find her, convinced that Marie’s unusual beliefs hold the key.

But a shocking discovery makes him question if he ever really knew his girlfriend. And when people around him start to die, Richard is plunged into terrible danger.

Drawn into the world of a sinister cult and the darkest corners of the Internet, Richard finds himself increasingly out of his depth as he discovers just how far people will go to protect what they believe in…


What a surprise! Surprise! Surprise! If I knew this book was about aliens and people obsessed with them, then I probably wouldn’t have read this book. I saw the advertisement on my Kindle and read the synopsis. I thought I would like it, so I bought it for $4.99 in the Amazon ebook store.

The whole book is about a guy, Richard whose had a dry life as a photographer in the past and after meeting this girl, Marie, she changes his view about life and love. He soon finds out that Marie is obsessed with aliens and is able to hear their voices. He’s a cynic, of course. One day Marie disappears and he devotes all of his time to finding her. In his desperation of trying to find his love, Marie, Richard gets himself into a very strange, dark, and dangerous world of alien cults and finds out that those people aren’t as loving and “hippish” as they claim to be.

I would recommend this book for people who enjoy reading about aliens. This book is about aliens and Richard’s obsession, but it also holds a deeper meaning about faith and belief about anything, specifically religion, if you can read between the lines. The book is interesting. After reading it, I wouldn’t have paid $4.99 for it. …more like $2.99, but I bought it on impulse and it’s based solely on what I like reading and aliens aren’t at the top of my list!


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