When Your TBR Pile Becomes The Leaning Tower of Pisa

I’ve recently found that putting my to be read (TBR) pile on the dresser by my bed keeps me motivated to read those books ONLY! I get off task really easily.. Especially if I walk by my bookshelf and see a book or a few books I want to read as well. It’s so tempting.

At least if I have the books I chose to read for July in front of me when I’m in my room I can stay focused on getting those books read. As I read them and post reviews, I will place them back on my bookshelf. I will see how having a pile works out instead of picking a book from my bookshelf when I finish a book. I have over 100 books, so I think it would keep me from getting overwhelmed, too.

I chose nine books to read for the month of July and I have to finish two from this month. I will post my July TBR tomorrow!

Where do you put your TBR pile? What methods have worked for you to stay focused on the books you chose for the month?


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