The Merciless… Series?

I heard that there will be a second book in The Merciless Series (I named it that). Have any of you guys heard? I mean, The Merciless ended like there will be a second book, but I want to make sure. I follow Danielle Vega on Twitter and she mentioned that she just finished writing a book and proofreading it. Could it be the second book to pick up where the first one left off? If it is, I’m super excited. She didn’t say if it was a new stand-alone book or a continuation of The Merciless.

This has nothing to do with the subject of this post, but I want to say that The Merciless is not as bad as people claim it to be. People have told me that they don’t want to read it because there’s witchcraft or whatever involved. It’s not what people think! If the book is really satanic and dark as people think, I would be the first one to say so! It’s not.

You won’t have nightmares after you read this book. You won’t have weird things happen to you. The worst that can happen is your heart will start racing and you may flinch a little because of her descriptions of events, but it’s not too bad. I think she’s a good author. The book is geared towards young adults, not adults, so it could have been worse. She did push the envelope, but remained in the realm of YA.

Back to my original thought. If anyone is a fan of The MercilessĀ and knows anything about if there will be a second book, please let me know! The suspense is killing me!


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