I Think Best Over Coffee

So, I’m at the coffee house and I just had the best idea ever. I don’t know how well it will work, but I think it may work if a few people choose to do it along with me. I know I follow a lot of book bloggers and I know we all love books (obviously). Books can be expensive and some of us don’t want our libraries to get super large. I also know that we have books that we don’t necessarily want that others can be interested in.

I was thinking that maybe we can start a book exchange! Sadly, it will only be limited to inside of the United States because shipping gets expensive to other countries. I think it would be cool for us to share books with each other that we’ve read already and don’t feel attached to. To make things easier, everyone who wants to participate can compile a list of books they don’t mind giving up. Others can look at your list of books and pick one out… and vice versa!

This should be completely free, of course. Think of it as checking out books at your local library, but you get to keep them! P.O. Boxes are wonderful for this! I have a P.O. Box. Or if you have an alternate address that you don’t feel nervous about giving away to a stranger. If any of you all are interested, please let me know in the comment box! I would absolutely LOVE to get this going! I think it will be so fun to exchange books with each other.


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