Read The Rainbow!

Not only am I completely fascinated with books, I am equally fascinated with bookshelves! I watch a ton of book hauls on Youtube to scout new books to read and I may pay more attention to their bookshelf than the books they’re talking about! I’m always trying to find new ways to organize my bookshelf. Before I reorganized it on yesterday, I had my books organized by genre (I thought organizing them alphabetically would have been too anal… Even for me). Then I watched several youtube videos of individuals who have their bookshelves organized by color! It looked like a rainbow to me! It was LITERALLY reading rainbow. I’ve waited weeks to find the time to organize my books and I finally did!


br />20140717-104520-38720414.jpg


I think I did a good job on the first try. I did not shelve a few of them because I’m afraid it won’t look neat if I put more on the bookshelf. The black shelf has too many on it. I have to figure out a way to fit them neatly or I will remove them and put them elsewhere in my home. I’m not totally satisfied with it. I know I will be reorganizing again until it’s perfect! I have my own reading rainbow now. 🙂 I may have the green and blue backwards…


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