Amazon Introduces Kindle Unlimited!

I woke up to very good news this morning. I think it’s a good news for every reader who is passionate about books. If you buy a ton of books like I do and worry about how it may impact your wallet, all of your worries just may have gotten easier to deal with!

Amazon has just introduced Kindle Unlimited! You can choose from over 600,000 ebooks and audiobooks and pay only $9.99 for the monthly subscription. Amazon took their announcement even further by allowing us to have a free trial for the first 30 days of use. After 30 days, the card filed under your one-click account will be charged.

I wish Amazon would have thought of this sooner! The only downside to this is that you won’t own the books. You can read as many as you like and I don’t think there’s any time restraints and a limited number of reads for one book.

You can read more about Kindle Unlimited and view the website here. I hope this will be a better solution for some readers out there who would rather a subscription to read books than spend money buying them. I just activated my 30 day trial and I’m excited!


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