Book Reviews Are Over!

I decided to change the direction of my blog up a little. I’ve been thinking a lot about my blog and what I would like my readers to read for a while now. I know book reviews are popular posts book bloggers make available for their readers. I think books reviews are awesome. It takes a lot of thought and energy to write them. However, I will no longer be posting book reviews! Why? Because I’d rather help my readers discover new books in quick posts. I will still blog about books I’ve read and plan to read. The only difference is that I will not be reviewing them.

My thoughts and opinions about books I read are my thoughts. I don’t want to persuade readers into not reading a certain book because of what I think. My goal is to have more books read and promote book discovery. I rarely do what everyone else is doing and in a way I knew that I would eventually change the direction of my blog….


Because it’s a bit boring to me. If it’s boring to me to write, then I can only assume it’s boring to read. I will still blog about everything books besides reviewing them.

I truly hope I haven’t disappointed anyone about the change, but I feel l need to love what I post and do what I feel is best for my blog in a way to portray how I feel about books and reading because at the end of the day, my blog represents me and my love for books that I want to share with others. I want nothing but positive vibes!


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