The Gift of Magic (The Shadowmage Saga)




Having survived a death, Alex awakens with powers he never imagined existed. His un-extraordinary life is turned upside down as rival factions of magicians seek to gain control over his new-found gift. Escaping from life-threatening dangers, Alex quickly realizes there is more to being a magician than he thought. With the help of the Order, a small group dedicated to upholding the Laws of Light, Alex learns to control his power and fights to prevent an ancient darkness from returning and destroying our world.


Status: Currently Reading

Source: Kindle Unlimited


I would normally share a book that I’ve finished reading with you all, but I’m too excited to reveal my current read! I absolutely LOVE this book and I’m only on chapter 5. The Gift of Magic is book one of the Shadowmage Saga and it’s about magic! And of course demons.. and vampires, but mainly about magic! All I can think about is poor Alex. The story is interesting and THANK GOODNESS the second book in the series is available NOW and I can start reading it right after I finish book one. I absolutely love finding good books. Books that I cannot put down and I’ve been having a lot of luck this year with awesome reads!

In case you’re wondering, the second book in the series is called Magician Reborn. 


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