Books, The New Pickup Item?


I pleasantly woke up to a picture in my mentions from a follower, @JesJosie on Twitter who knows I am obsessed with books. The picture of someone’s blog.. reblog
made me think. What if books were the new “pickup” item? Sadly, I don’t know the name of the original blog for the person to receive credit.

As the screenshot suggests, books could be the new drinks in the bookstore that people buy for a person to catch their interest. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I love knowing that someone is in the bookstore and interested in books and interested in me because I love books. Now I wonder how many love connections can be made in the Science Fiction isle of the bookstore. “Hey. How are you? I see you’ve been looking at this book for quite a while. Let me buy it for you. What do you do for fun?” And the conversation continues… To possibly an exchange of numbers? Oh, the possibilities!

Do you think books can be the new pickup item? Have you found love centering around your adoration of books? Let me know!


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