Monthly Book List, I Have Failed You.

I thought having a monthly book list was a good way to track my TBR list and keep up with how many books I’ve read for the month. It’s good for organization. However, staying on task has never been one of my strengths. I compiled a list of books that I planned to read for the month of July and I only read two books from the list so far, but I haven’t read only two books this month!

In a way keeping up with a monthly list actually gets me to read less books than I planned to read for the month. I get so stressed about having to read books on my list when I’m seeing all the other books I have to read, too. I’ve recently decided leave the lists alone to read whatever I pick up and blog about it! The recent availability of Kindle Unlimited didn’t help either…and that I constantly buy books. Then I sulk about not possessing the superpower to read five books at once.

Concluding, I can’t stay focused to read the books on my monthly book list! There’s just too many books! Too many options. Not enough time and eye power.


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