Kindle Freebie: Shattered


What would you sacrifice to learn the truth? That is the question Alex Bowen, a headstrong college student from Beaverton, Oregon, must ask herself when she learns she’s being watched. But who’s dong the spying? And why have they chosen her? Thrown from her world of comfort, yet determined to discover the truth, Alex soon finds herself cut off from family and friends and forced to make allies wherever she can find them. With dead ends at every turn, and more than one pursuer closing in, she quickly learns some questions are best left unasked. Now, with her life and sanity on the line, Alex must resist her enemy’s mind games if she wants to expose every dark secret. To succumb would result in her true identity being lost forever and countless others suffering the same fat. But to succeed, would shatter everything she knows.


Status: TBR

Source: Amazon Kindle

I found this book on yesterday in the Kindle bookstore along with a few others. I was going to post a totally different book I found, but it isn’t free anymore! So, if you want to read this book I would suggest you download it whenever you get the chance. Some books are only free for a limited time. It is a mystery/thriller.


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