The Horror of BookTubing.

Before I started my book blog, I watched many videos filmed by fellow book lovers. It was one of the reasons why I decided to start my blog. Books have always been one of my passions but I did not know that there are people out there who make books and reading so cool.

However, what I have been noticing on BookTube is that most of the books I see have been reviewed by other booktubers. I don’t want to label this as a rant, but it kind of is! Why are they all reviewing the same books? I would love to see a lot more books on YouTube that are not shown by others. I totally understand if the books are new releases or books they received from the publisher that haven’t been released to the public yet. I understand that!

Come on, guys! Pick books that seem interesting to you that you KNOW many people don’t know about. That’s what I want to see! If you got a recommendation from another person who uploads book videos, then we have to see it on your channel as well. :/ New books! Unknown books! It’s not fun to read books that everyone else is reading unless you’re reading them together. Otherwise, I’d like to see more different books.

*ends rant*


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