I finished A Book. Great!…. Not Really.

Have you ever had a book that you never wanted to finish? I see myself feeling that way more and more. It seems as though a part of me gets really attached to the characters and their stories. I feel puzzled beyond belief or super emotional when I finish a book. Books I don’t develop feeling towards while reading are books I never finish!

I love reading books that make me feel like I’m in the story with the characters. When the book ends, I’m left wondering where the rest of the story is! I want it to continue. Most of the time books never end at a place I’m comfortable with it ending. Usually there’s a loophole I want filled. I want to know what happened to a supporting character, what made the main character do certain things, and what happens after the book ends. I know it’s never okay to ask what happens after the book ends (thinking outside of the book), but I can’t help myself!

Trilogies are a lot better on my senses, but not so much! I notice when the author drops a character who was in book 1 from book 2 and doesn’t care to discuss a separation or event that caused the character to be absent in book 2 and book 3. For example, the supporting character had a relationship with the main character in book 1 and in book 2 the supporting character isn’t mentioned. What happened?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has the gripe about certain books! If you’ve experienced this, tell me about your experience and include the title of the book(s). I’d love to check them out!


The Ghost Files: A Review

I’ve been trying to get away from reviewing books, but I love to review books that I enjoyed reading. I started reading The Ghost Files on Sunday and just finished the last two chapters this morning. I started reading this books with no expectations at all, but it surprised me!

It’s mainly about a foster teen named Mattie who is able to see and communicate with ghosts. She reminds me of Nancy Drew. Her life turns upside down when she is forced to talk to the ghosts to help find who kidnapped her foster sister. The story takes many twists and turns that I don’t want to reveal, but the story is well written! It has the right amount of comedy, thrill, and suspense.

I love Mattie as a character because she reminds me a lot myself. She is very smart, snarky, and a thinker. This book is not as simple as it seems. It is a work of fiction, but a lot of things you can take seriously like the facts about ghosts and her philosophy on life.

The ending took me for a loop that I couldn’t help but download The Ghost Files 2!! It picks up where the first book left off, of course and she has to solve yet another mystery involving her mother. I can’t wait to finish book 2 and start book 3! I’m very excited!

If you’re interested in reading, you can download the first book for free and decide whether or not you want to spend $2.99 for the second book. I believe it’s worth a try!