Why Book Covers Matter and Don’t Matter At All

Have you ever went browsing in the book store or ordered books online? If you haven’t then what are you waiting on! Even the biggest book collector can’t get enough of beautiful book covers. I have fallen under the spell of book covers several times in my book life, but I must say that maybe they aren’t as important as people think they are. What if the ARE as important as people think? Let’s face it! Authors want to make sure their book covers stand out from all the rest. ….even if the story isn’t as compelling.

Below I’ve gathered a list of things that would keep you from falling into the book cover lover trance.

  1. When you find yourself falling in love with a book cover, open it up or flip it over to read the synopsis, maybe the book won’t be as interesting as the cover.
  2. Find the price!
  3. Don’t look at the cover more than 3 seconds.
  4. Remove part of the dust jacket to see what the book actually looks like.
  5. Read the first chapter of the book.

Now let’s look at why book covers do matter…because it is part of the book, right? Right?

  1. You want to front face a book on your bookshelf. I have several books for that purpose.
  2. The book is a collectors edition.
  3. You want your trilogies to match.
  4. You want the movie cover.
  5. You’re a book cover lover.

I gave you a few reasons why book covers shouldn’t matter and why they should. I think we all give our reasons for both and quite frankly, I think the cover plays a huge part in what the pages of the book are about… but what is the synopsis for? Eh…



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