Black Friday…Er, Thanksgiving Book Order!

So! Of course I had to get some books during all the black Friday craziness, but that’s not quite what happened! I didn’t buy anything on black Friday! Some online book stores began their sales on Thanksgiving day! On Thanksgiving morning, I ordered a few books from Book Outlet because I knew the books I wanted wouldn’t have been available if I waited longer! Every book was 30% off. Here’s what I bought:


I have to say this is the best group of books I’ve ordered online so far. I’m very excited to receive them and I haven’t gotten a shipping confirmation yet. I’m too anxious! There are 5 hardcovers and 3 softcovers in this group. I paid $23 and some cents for 8 books in brand new condition. I normally don’t like reading books in hardcover form, but I couldn’t resist the sale, so I will just have to deal with it. I will talk more about them once they are read and I publish a review. If you have read any of these books, tell me your thoughts!


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