Cool Find: The Animal Book by Steve Jenkins

I’ve had enough time on my hands to browse iBooks. I found a few interesting books, but The Animal Book really caught my eye. I’ve always been a fan of books that are mostly visual in nature, so when I found this interactive one I had to download it and immediately start reading. The illustrations are absolutely beautiful.

Here’s a few images:




There are instructions in the beginning of the book explaining how to read it and outlining the different gestures. The illustrations are amazing. The layout is easy to navigate. Any child or adult who loves animals will enjoy this book. Lots of information and eye popping graphics. It is sure to keep the reader engaged. Best of all, the book is free! If you have an Apple product, you are able to download it. This book is not available to download on an iPhone for obvious reasons, but it is compatible with any iPad and Macbook. I checked Amazon for its availability and it’s only available in hardback for $13.90 and does not come in a Kindle format.

 Happy reading!


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