A New Spin To Jane Austen’s “Pride & Prejudice” Novel


Most of us had to read Pride and Prejudice for school. I didn’t have to read it for college. However, I did try to pick it up one day because I wanted to read one of her books and it’s the most popular of them all. I didn’t get through it because I thought it was a bit boring. Thankfully, someone took to it into consideration. I think this book is perfect for college students and readers who want an in depth look into the story that they wouldn’t have had through reading the actual book.


A new spin to Austen’s book has made it more accessible and interesting to readers for a great reason. It seems befitting since we are in a more technological and visual world. When you open the book in iBooks, you’re greeted with a short intro video then to the table of contents. I took the images above from the video. Alongside each set of chapters there’s a video of someone giving you a summary. Questions and notes are at the end for more understanding. It’s great that someone wanted to put this book interactive together. Visual, audio, and text! Amazing!

It is available through iBooks (Apple) for free.


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