5 Books You’ll Never Think Are Christmassy!

I’ve learned an important lesson this year about judging books by their cover! After reading The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom, I was super surprised again. The cover looks nothing like what the book contains. Of course there’s clocks on the cover. However, it is very simple compared to what the book is about. So, that gave me a bright idea. I decided to compile a list of 5 books you wouldn’t think are christmassy by the covers. Here’s what I came up with:


The Time Keeper by Mitch Albom

This story takes place around Christmas and the New Year. I loved this book! It is Albom’s story of Father Time. The characters and life lessons gained about time are interesting. It confronts problems of wanting more time and less time. Also, it reveals the negative emotions of not paying attention to the time you do have.

NOS4A2_cover NOS4A2 updated

NOS4A2 (Nosfertu) by Joe Hill

I just started reading this book (I’m about 100 pages in) and I didn’t have any clue it involved Christmas until I started reading about Christmasland. It is a horror book and one of my favorite genres. It’s mainly about a man, with a “special power” who feels he needs to steal children from individuals he thinks are underserving parents and take them to Christmasland. I’m reading the copy with the original cover. A new cover depicting the Christmas theme was released. That’s more like it! And I’m sure people are more likely to read it now.


The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Anderson

I haven’t read any books by Hans Christian Anderson and I feel a bit sad about it. I have watched a few movie adaptations. I understand this is a fairytale about a snow queen (obviously) and child. Judging from the cover (the irony), the queen is trying to protect the child and there is a struggle between good and evil.


Morality Play by Barry Unsworth

I want to read this book. It is on my TBR list! The story takes place in Medieval England involving a priest who fled from his diocese and joins a group of players (actors). The players plan to play at the lord’s castle on Christmas day. Drama unfolds surrounding the play and a death of a local woman. It was shortlisted for the Man Booker Award, so it must be good.


The Family Under The Bridge by Natalie Savage Carlson

The Family Under The Bridge is a children’s book. It’s about a man named Armad who does not particularly care for children. One day he meets a group of kids who live under a bridge. He begins to develop a connection with them and soon thinks he has to find a decent place for the children to stay. Through their journey around Paris, the children meet gypsies and santa claus.


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