Last Book Haul of 2014!

Around Thanksgiving and Christmas I get super excited because the deals on books are never ending. I bought books during the Black Friday event and the Boxing Day event (the Friday and Saturday after Christmas) that were both hosted through book outlet. The books that you will see in this post were books I ordered during the Boxing Day event, so here’s what I bought!


Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: A Graphic Novel

I read my first graphic novel this year and I was immediately hooked. I’m starting to build my graphic novel collection and I’m really excited! If you are a frequent reader of my posts, then you’ll know and understand that I love dark and gory books! So, this pick shouldn’t be a surprise. There isn’t much to explain about Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Everyone knows! The same story in graphic novel form. 


Hunger by Knut Hamsun

A true classic of modern literature that has been described as “one of the most disturbing novels in existence” (Time Out), Hunger is the story of a Norwegian artist who wanders the streets, struggling on the edge of starvation. As hunger overtakes him, he slides inexorably into paranoia and despair. The descent into madness is recounted by the unnamed narrator in increasingly urgent and disjointed prose, as he loses his grip on reality. (Summary from

I cannot WAIT to read this! What intrigued me about this book is the struggling writer trying and failing to sell his written work to those who publish journals. A story that tells you the dark side of pursuing your passion and knowing where it gets you, but you carry on anyway. Amazing.


Good to a Fault by Marina Endicott

Good to a Fault follows a divorcee who has to come to grips with her husband and family being almost non-existent in her life. One day she gets into a car accident with a family who is homeless and living in a car. She decides to help them, while leaving her family puzzled about her actions towards people she does not know. Through all of this she forms a new relationship and more decisions she has to make about her life and the life of the family she’s taken responsibility for.


The Blood of Flowers by Anita Amirrezvani

I am a huge fan of stories involving women (as lead characters) that take place in different countries around the world. I’ve been reading about these women and social taboos they were faced with. This story is about a 14 year-old Persian girl who thinks she will be married within a year, but her fate changes when her father dies. Soon after, the girl and her mother are homeless without money and without a dowry for marriage. A rug becomes their salvation and the story unfolds from there.

bone season

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon

The Bone Season is incredibly popular in the book community. I’ve read and watched enough reviews of this book to buy it. On the other hand, I’m a bit scared to start reading overhyped books because I may end up not liking them, but I will give this one a try.

This is the first book in a dystopian trilogy and it takes place in 2025. The lead character is a girl who is capable of dream walking. She gets snatched away and taken to a secret prison where she discovers there are creatures who are out to capture and kill individuals like her.

god of war

The God of War by Marisa Silver

The year is 1978. Ares Ramirez, age 12, lives with his mother, Laurel, and his younger brother Malcolm in a trailer at the edge of the Salton Sea, an unintentionally man-made body of water in the middle of the Southern California desert. It is a desolate, forgotten place, whose inhabitants thrive amidst seemingly impossible circumstances.

Ares’ struggle with the burden of responsibility — to himself and to others — draws him into a world of drugs, violence, and sex that he is not prepared for, launching him into a very personal battle for his own identity, one that has a lethal outcome. (Summary from


Marbles: Mania, Depression, Michelangelo, and Me by Ellen Forney

Marbles is another graphic novel I purchased. I thought it was really cool because it’s a memoir by Ellen Forney in an art form, which makes sense since she’s an artist. Ellen tells her story about being a crazy and creative cartoonist as well as stories of other bipolar artists and writers.

This wasn’t included in the boxing event order. I bought this a few days before. There was only one left and I always managed to miss out on buying it before it sold out, so I didn’t miss out this time. I bought the last copy!


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