Reading Update

I have been swamped by work and  personal issues that I haven’t had time to read as much as I’d like. I am now finding time to read once I get off from work and on the weekends. That will have to do until I am able to get another relatively long break. I have read 10 books this month so far.

I hope to finish Red Rising (60% done) and possibly Daughter of Smoke and Bone befIMG_9171ore the month is up which means I have until Friday to finish them. Red Rising is a pretty slow read for me. The book isn’t bad, but a lot of things happen and it’s very political, so I find myself thinking and reading at the same time which makes me read slower. Daughter of Smoke and Bone… I have faith that it will be a good book.

I picked up Her as well. I’m about 40% done with it. I don’t plan on finishing it this month. I started the audiobook of Gathering Darkness, the last book in the Falling Kingdoms trilogy. I don’t care for audiobooks, but my library only has it in audio form and I really want to finish the trilogy. I hope to finish it this month, too.

That is where I am currently with my reading this week.


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