Book Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown

I was able to finish Red Rising on yesterday and I couldn’t wait to publish a review! The book isRed Rising about a young man named Darrow who is a Red and lives on the planet Mars. You can think of his color Red being a social caste and his group is the lowest of the low. You may also be able to deduce that there are other colors that are higher than his. Events happen to Darrow and his family by means of the governing colors that influences him to change the social status of his people.

I must admit. When I first picked up this book and read a few pages, I wanted to put it down. I kept reading and became hooked to the storyline. The only thing that kind of turned me off about this book is that it is political, so I read it a bit slower than I normally read. This is not a book you would pick up for a quick read. It is dense and you will think while reading it. There’s a great deal of science fiction, romance, military strategy (including alliances and winning), philosophy, mystery, politics, action, and suspense in one book. So, you’re in for a soul depleting read! I don’t suggest reading it in one sitting. Take a break and read another book, then come back to it. It took me a couple of days to read.

The story reminds me of kings, queens, castles, armies, fighting for dominion, and winning the hearts of the people, but without the kings and queens. Picture all of that happening in space…without the aliens. Instead it is about a young man who came from a hard life working on the edge of Mars… a job that he could very well die from and rising to become powerful in his own right…sort of.

I liked how there were plenty of references to popular classic works such as The Odyssey by Homer and names of very popular individuals  in history and their ideology. Since philosophy is my favorite subject, I immediately loved that part about it.

Not to sound sexist, but this book is definitely testosterone infused. I’m not saying women shouldn’t read it but you will find the terminology used here is only popular with one sex. I describe the word usage as  “male locker room” lingo. That is the best way I can explain it! I’m not a huge fan of his writing style and word usage, but I do like the plot quite a bit. There’s also a lot of competitiveness between the male characters and with that comes with even more crude jokes. Just a heads up!

All in all, I gave this book 4 starts on Goodreads. The next book in the trilogy, Golden Son released this month and I do plan on reading it sometime before the year ends.


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