Tales of Redemption and Self-Sacrifice

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February just began and I’ve already swayed (sort of) from my TBR list. *sighs* I have reviews of two books I read and finished on Saturday and Sunday. In my defense, I started reading these books on Friday and Saturday. I started reading On The Inside on Friday and finished on Saturday. I started reading the The Jewel on Saturday and finished on yesterday, so it really isn’t THAT bad. It could be worse. At least I finished a book and didn’t start a new book that isn’t on my TBR list on Sunday, so I think I can slide this time! Let’s get to the reviews!


I don’t remember how I came across this book. I bought it on my Kindle and I started reading it the same day. On The Inside is compared to the popular Netflix original show, Orange Is The New Black. I don’t know how the two relate because I haven’t watched the show. I became interested in fiction books that take place in prisons because The Enchanted.

This story follows Kristen, an inmate who has to serve a few years in prison because of committing a white collar crime and points of views of other inmates and those who work inside the prison. Kristen has to deal with losing her family and everything she once knew. Meanwhile, she meets fellow inmates with troubles of their own. One of the officers in the jail has a peculiar obsession with getting a glimpse into the lives of inmates through reading their letters sent from family and friends. This pretty much sets up the story from the beginning and ultimately forms the ending. Parts of the story are also told from the perspectives of the warden and the therapist. It’s an interesting story about prison life, life lessons, and a chance for a new beginning.

The author’s writing style isn’t terrible. What really got under my skin were the constant grammar and punctuation mistakes. Secondly, I found that while having several points of view is a good thing, it can be troublesome if it’s too many. Other than that, I think it was a decent book.


I’ve been hearing a lot of buzz about The Jewel, so I decided to read it. I honestly don’t knowjewel how to put my thoughts on this book into words. I’m literally speechless. The story is a bit disturbing to me. How can I possibly review this without giving the story away? Ok.

It’s about a girl named Violet who was born with the surrogate gene. Girls who are tested and carry the surrogate gene are immediately put into isolation until they are ready to be auctioned off to royalty who are incapable of having their own children naturally because of a genetic mutation. Like most of the girls, Violet has to leave her family behind. She will never see her family again, but her mother will get money every year for losing her daughter. Eventually, Violet is sold to one of the most powerful women in the Lone City. The story unfolds from there.

From first glance, it reminds me of The Elite. I didn’t care for it (I couldn’t finish the first book), so I was resistant to read it. I like The Jewel  because I haven’t read anything like it. I love unique stories. It’s pretty much the same concept as The Elite with girls being ranked and fighting for the top spot to be chosen by a royal family. The writing is okay. I don’t love it. The romance is not lovey dovey to a sickening level and that I can appreciate.

Some parts of the story I wanted to scream because I didn’t know what Violet was thinking (“She can’t be serious.” “Be quiet!” “What?”). She could be so ungrateful in one chapter and completely selfless in another. It isn’t the best story ever written, but the surrogacy element holds my interest. However, the cliffhanger is enormous! If my head could spin like the girl’s head in “The Exorcist,” it would have.  I never would have guessed. I plan to read the second installment.

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