Tips For Decluttering Your Bookshelf

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Since I’ve been having a hard time with overcrowding my bookshelf with books (imagine over 200 books on one bookshelf. Yikes!), I want to save you from your impending doom! Here’s a list I compiled for making your bookshelf look fabulous!

1. Stop buying books!

Physical books, of course. πŸ™‚ I know this may be hard to swallow, but you have to do what you have to do! Why buy more books when you know you can’t read them all at once and you never know when you may get to them? This is the very first step to keeping your bookshelf decluttered and looking its best. Maybe you can focus on building your Kindle or Kobo library?

2. Only include the books you plan to read soon on your bookshelf.

Some people have what is called a TBR bookshelf; meaning it is reserved for books they plan to read very very soon. The more books you can read from your TBR bookshelf, the better. When you read those books, you can replace them with books you want to read next.

3. Use neat decorative items to fill in empty spaces. It gives your shelves a finished, yet simple look.

If you really want to give your bookshelf a new life, then narrow your collection down to only a few books on each shelf and make sure to leave empty spaces, that way you won’t feel so overwhelmed. Feel free to occupy those spaces with figurines, candles, cards given to you for special days, etc.

4. Buy more bookshelves.

If you’re like me, you don’t mind crowding loads of books on your shelves. Even double and triple stacking them as I am known for doing! The easy remedy to this is buying more bookshelves. Bookshelves are really expensive, but I have found a few on Amazon that look pretty good for the price.

5. Use other areas in your home to store your books.

Currently, I have books stored around my apartment. I have books on my bookshelf, of course. I am using my media stand to store books and I have another wood stand to store books in the past. The best way to have many books is to store them in different places around your home instead of one place, which can be overwhelming on the eyes.

6. Donate books to your local library.

One new thing I’ve started this year is to donate books to my local library at the beginning of every year. I donate books every January. I accumulate many books during the year and some of those books I didn’t like, so the best way I thought of getting rid of them was to donate.

7. Try to find books at a good price so that you wouldn’t mind giving away a few to friends and family once you’ve finished reading them.

I know giving books away can be hard, but at least they won’t go very far! If you love getting bargains, even for books there are sites that offer books at a bargain price. I found sites like Half Priced Books and Book Outlet to help me in this area. When I only paid less than $5.00 for a book, I wouldn’t mind giving them away opposed to paying over $15.00 for one.

8. Invest in book subscriptions.Β 

There are popular services out there like Oyster and Amazon that charge you per month, which allows you to have thousands of books at your fingertips.Β I have an Oyster subscription and it has cut down on my book buying tremendously. My only gripe about it is they never finish the trilogies/series! For example, I read book one and two of the Mara Dyer trilogy and they don’t have the third book. The same with the Throne of Glass trilogy. Stand alone books are in abundance. If you read a lot, these services are worth the money.

9. Check out library books.

Checking out library books can be great and save you a lot of money, especially if you read a book that you wouldn’t dream of buying. It comes in handy when you read a book and hate it. You can return it without any strings attached!

10. Read as many books from your bookshelf as possible.

I have to admit to having a problem with this! I read more books on my Kindle (books I bought and checked out from the library) than books from my bookshelf. Even then I continue to buy more physical books. Here’s a way to read more books on your bookshelf: Set a number of books to read from your bookshelf per month. Easy!

I’ve listed 10 things that work for me. What are some things that work for you in decluttering your bookshelf?

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3 thoughts on “Tips For Decluttering Your Bookshelf

  1. J. S. Bailey says:

    After having accumulated several hundred books, I had to make the painful decision to weed out some from my collection because I was simply running out of room for them. I sent the ones I hadn’t enjoyed very much off to Goodwill and kept all of my favorites. But it still seems like I’m running out of room… πŸ™‚

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