Run Fast. Trust No One. Always Carry Your Knife.

the walled city730. That’s how many days I’ve been trapped.
18. That’s how many days I have left to find a way out.

What an adventure! This book covers so many things that most of society looks over and it’s so compelling. The story takes place in the Walled City, which was an actual place in Hong Kong that had over 20,000 occupants and notorious for poverty, drug trafficking, prostitution, and a series of other unspeakable crimes. Graudin gives us insight into the lives of street kids and those who have power over them within the confines of these walls from the three perspectives of Dai (A young man who has to fulfill a special run to clear his name), Mei Yee (A woman sold to a brothel), and Jin (Someone who is full of revenge and a mission to accomplish).

If you aren’t a fan of violence (all forms), then this book isn’t for you. You will get a bird’s eye view of what goes on in this city. I love that the author researched before he began to write this book. He changed several things to make it a work of fiction, but I think it did not make the story any less appealing. While reading, events I thought would happen did not. You want to believe two people will fall in love because they spend the most time together. You will think one thing and it will become the opposite. One of the best things about this book is unpredictability.

The characters are well developed. I liked every single on of them. Like I mentioned previously, the story is told from three perspectives. It reminded me of Marie Lu. She is the queen of multiple perspectives. It’s not as good as her artfulness, but close. The tale begins really slow, but it picks up as you read.

I wish there was a second book! It seems like there was much more to know about the characters and the story ended too soon. I feel the story in its entirety was underdeveloped. The story should have been longer or a book two should be in the works. It leaves you wanting more. The author included an epilogue, but it wasn’t enough! It’s a fast paced read. However, the events occurred too fast to be pleasurable.

I recommend this book. Keep reading until the end!




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