Happy June! – Reading Update

I have been away and I am so sad about it! Life had me doing some twist and turns. I’m finally back with some book news.

I am currently reading “Half Wild” by Sally Green and almost 80% done with it. I should be done with it later today or tomorrow and I will most a review. It’s interesting judging by what I’ve already read.

As far as books I will read this month, I’m always hesitant about posting a list because I am such a moody reader. I choose a book usually by my mood most of the time and other times I choose the genre I want to read and I haven’t read a lot of. But here are a few books I plan to read this month:

5th waveIMG_9499Glass-ArrowIMG_8820

If I stay true to the list of books, I will be AMAZED! I will try VERY hard to stay focused and not read any “new” books until I’ve read these and all are on my bookshelf other than “The Glass Arrow,” which is a very good thing! I’m trying to read more books from my shelves instead of buying new ones and have them constantly pile up.

That’s all I have for now! Happy reading.


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