Mark Your Calendar: “Ice Like Fire” Will Be Available This Month!

17404295Hey, guys. I know it’s been a while, but I want to tell you about one of the best trilogies or series I’ve ever read! Book #2 in the Snow Like Ashes trilogy/series will be releasing on October 13th. Have you preordered Ice Like Fire? Let me back up a bit, have you read Snow Like Ashes? If you haven’t, you are missing out! And if you have, you may want to read the last four chapters or so if you forgot the conclusion. It was epic!

If you’ve read the first book, let me know how you feel about it! If you’re excited about the second book, tell me how excited you are! I honestly can’t wait. I haven’t decided if I want to preorder it on my Kindle or wait for release day and pick it up at my local Barnes & Noble. Decisions. Many individuals in the book community have review copies and are currently reading. Make sure you stay away from their tweets on Twitter and other social outlets. I know it’s hard, but keep the faith! Beware of spoilers!