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IMG_8490.JPGMy name is Frantrele and I started a blog first and foremost because I love books. Since I could sit up by myself and hold a book in my hands, I have loved them. Blogging about books almost every day makes me very happy. However, I do blog about other things like music, movies, TV shows, and documentaries (sometimes).

I think people still think it’s so uncool to talk about what they are reading, so I don’t have many friends or associates who are into books outside of an academic setting. I’m really grateful to have found booktube and a few Twitter followers who enjoy reading books as much as I do. I have to have the outlet. 

I used to borrow books from the library a lot, but I would get depressed because they weren’t mine and I eventually had to return them. So, I’ve started to buy my own new books or books I find in great condition at a used price.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies and I work in the home health field (it pays the bills). I eventually want to get my certification to teach Elementary Education or work in a place where I can be around books as part of my job. Southern Louisiana is my home and I have a rat terrier named Apple. I hope to live a simple life centered around reading, learning, and spending time with friends and family.

I hope you enjoy my posts and discover new books that you didn’t know about. If you have any books you want to suggest, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I am a book blogger, but that doesn’t mean I am knowledgable of every book in the world!


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