Review Policy

 My reviews are the most honest I can be. I want to be completely honest with my readers. You are always free to check out the book for yourself, but I will tell you my thoughts on it. 

I try to have an unbiased approach and I try not to read other blogger’s views on the book I am currently reading in order to avoid influence and bias. 

There will be times when I don’t finish a book because I don’t find it interesting enough to finish. I will clearly state that I did not finish the book and list my reasons why. I will not always finish reading the book I put up for review. 

If you or an author stumbles across one of my reviews on a book and disagree, then kindly comment in the comment box and I will make sure I reply to you. I am open to all opinions and I hope we will be able to talk about it in a kind and mature way. 

I will review books upon request. I try not have a preference for the books I read, but I do not read romance novels. If you would like me to read and review your romance novel, then tell me why I should.  Any other genre of books are acceptable. You can contact me for reviews or other inquiries at


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